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General Enquiries
CDC2017 Conference Secretariat
GPO Box 5005
Melbourne VIC 3205
P: +61 (0) 3 9682 0500
F: +61 (0) 3 9682 0344
Email: CDCinfo@icmsaust.com.au

Registration & Accommodation
Email: CDCregistration@icmsaust.com.au

Sponsorship & Exhibitions
Shelley Turner - Sales and Operations Manager Sponsorship and Exhibitions
Email: CDCsponsorship@icmsaust.com.au

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Key dates (2017)
Submission Site Open:January 4
Initial Paper
Submissions to L-CSS with CDC Option Due:
March 6
Invited Session
Proposals Due:
March 10
Initial Paper
Submissions Due:
March 20
Workshop Proposals Due:May 1
Paper and Workshop
Decision Notification:
Best Student Paper
Nominations Opens:
July 20
Final Submission Open:August 1
Registration Opens:August 1
Best Student Paper
Nominations Closes:
August 15
Accepted Papers Due:September 20
Early Bird Closes:October 1
Online Registration Closes:December 5
Conference opens:December 12
Conference closes:December 15

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